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Clermont County Chess Club

    Welcome to the Clermont County Chess Club

Beginner at chess?     Advanced ?      Master?      Everyone is welcome!


We bring people of all ages together who share a common interest in Chess . It's a great place to play a game, and to have fun. Members develop new chess skills, sharpen their memory and improve social skills too. The Clermont County Chess Club has been meeting  since 1973.


Learning early, playing often, and doing puzzles improves memory and learning ability, not only in other areas too.


Find out more about becoming a member of Clermont County Chess Club. We meet regularly on Tuesday evenings at 6pm . Come when you can .


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Quote of the Day


Strategy without tactics is a long road to Victory...but tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat .

From Sun Tzu ( The art of war)


A Notable Quote

 "The skills chess offers to those who play it are gold mines. It teaches the faithful players how to approach life. It teaches people that are having dilemmas that here is more than one answer to a problem. While your adversary is looking at the issue through a single point, you as the great chess player that you are, can take a step back and look at the picture through many points.''

---Dr. Sultan Yusufzai, M.D. of Calif.



All ABOUT CHESS....see the link below:

Chess in Education

John Hopkins School of Education Study

A  Collection of Studies and Papers on       Chess and Education



No need to join before coming by.


Come a few weeks before joining !


Meet some members..


Play a game !



      Club Tournaments

     Two a year...

   spring and Fall !


       The Current Club         Champion is : 


Club Tournament

Start on 3/19/24

Winner to be announced






          Visit Us  !


             We meet at :

Withamsville Church Of Christ

         846 Ohio Pike

        (State Route125)

        Withamsville, OH


   From 4:00 p.m. Tuesdays

Or later when you can come.





Club News


With the latest State and Science Covid-19 recommendations , we are glad to be meeting again !

Congratulations Justin !               ... breaking thru the 2000 Expert rating at the US Open !! ....2237 and getting better all the time....




Tactics puzzles are great for improvement!

Free Online Chess

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"Fundamental" Quotes

" I had to spend countless hours, above and beyond the basic time, to try and perfect the fundamentals” Julius Erving


Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals” – Jim Rohn


What people don’t realize is that professionals are sensational because of the fundamentals. The sensationalism has taken over the professionalism” – Barry Larkin


And Paul's favorites.......

" Obey the Principals ...without being bound by them"- Bruce Lee


" When one departs from Simplicity, the result is Perplexity.

   When one returns to Simplicity, one is saved from destruction by confusion. "  -Complete works of LooTsu, Yoo Teh Ching,Book32)




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